2018, It's over already!

Another year has ended, or nearly so. It’s December 15th, 2018 and the holiday season is in full swing. Thanksgiving is behind us, and that 15 pound turkey I roasted is finally gone! The purchases for Christmas are done, and just a couple items remain to be made for those who prefer homemade gifts. Yes, I still make things!

The item that is still in pieces in my workroom is a large tropical floral arrangement and the large, heavy ceramic container it will be seated in. The flowers are handmade tropical white orchids with delicate hand-painted flowers and tissue paper details that are nearly impossible to distinguish from their real counterparts. Some fresh green moss (sterilized & preserved) will finish this arrangement with the ground cover and details for real twig branches.

2018, At last a new post!

I have been working, a lot! Where's the new artwork? It's on my board. Why? Because I've been doing home decor installations and art curation for 4 clients. 

It all started when they come to my home/studio and realize they want their personal space to look and feel like mine. Is it the artwork? The indoor trees? The use of color? The wide range of furniture styles? The lighting?

It's all those things and mostly about how to assemble these finds and creations into a livable and comfortable surrounding. I really live in my space, work there, too. I cook, entertain and relax in a beautiful, culturally rich environment with up-to-date technologies and old fashion values. 

Last year's series, "T W E L V E" The Animals of the Chines Zodiac, was a big success. Most of the original watercolors sold immediately to new collectors. Archival copies sold by the dozens. And, recently four 40" x 60" canvas copies will adorn a local popular local Asian Restaurant. 

2018 will feature the "F I V E" Dragons of Asia, each from different regions of Asia distinct to their origins. The Chinese Imperial Dragon. The Japanese Mountain Dragon. The Tibetan Cloud Dragon. The Korean River Dragon. And, the Sea Dragon. I've studied dragon myths and the artwork of many artists from Asia from periods that extend from the 16th through the 20th century.

I own over 200 silk and paper scrolls from Japan and China that span over 400 years. The history and the stories that accompany these mythological beings is as interesting as it ever was, and see that the world wants to understand these imaginary creatures. The HBO series 'Game of Thrones' features their version of the dragon as family weaponry. Their detailed bodies are depicted with many Asian details, yet are malevolent as in Western cultural norms.

So, be on the lookout for the newest version of these "F I V E" beginning by winter 2018.
Until then, CIAO! Alan

Art and collections of items from trips worldwide displayed in my living room from Italy, China, Spain, Japan, France and the United States.

Art and collections of items from trips worldwide displayed in my living room from Italy, China, Spain, Japan, France and the United States.

ART AT THE PARK Event ! ! !

I'm extending an "Art At The Park" event Invitation to you.
December 8th, 8 - 10PM for Residents Only
December 9th, 5 - 10PM for the Main Event
December 10th, 11AM - 4PM Brunch
This is our biggest and most prestigious art showing of the year. Don't miss it!
Free Valet Service, Delicious Appetizers and Libations...
Meet the artists: Alan Michael, Lorraine Passero & Jon Seeman

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Serpent 2016 ~ One of "Twelve" Chinese Zodiac Animals

The first of twelve illustrations is underway utilizing calligraphic nibs, brushes and dyes. The 'Snake' or Serpent is complete with the main body laid out and color overlay of extraordinary 'stippling' detail. The finished piece measures 18 x 24 inches on archival white watercolor heavy paper. 

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