Art Studio88 is a continuing evolution of calligraphic imagery including illustrative drawing and painting skills
derived from European, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. Contact Alan Michael directly via email: or call: 818 917-3145.

Sizes & Values

Sizes of the original artwork is varied, as stated. Smaller pieces have less space, but contains as much if not more detail. Text is often a variable part of the composition. Special orders may include these.

Valuation is an agreed amount when ordering. Fifty percent of the amount is due upon the 'start date', and the remaining amount is due upon completion before pick-up or shipment. 

Sizes - Paper Sizes determine the extent of size for most pieces.

Text - Customer supplied copy, must be typed, legible and signed as approved.

Usage - Original Artwork is not to be reproduced for any purpose, period.

Payment Options

Check or Money Order - USD amounts only.

Fifty Percent Up-front - Special Orders require 1/2 upfront to begin a custom project.

Final Payment - the remaining balance is due upon the completion of the artwork. 

Shipping - FedEx Special Handling, Art Boxes designed to contain and protect framed/glass pieces must be insured for their 'full value'. Cost is not included in the valuation pricing.


Limited Prints 

Giclee Prints - Limited Edition Prints are done at actual size 18" x 24" on archival quality heavy duty watercolor paper in continuous tone from high resolution scan technology. 

The series ' T W E L V E ' THE CHINESE ZODIAC ANIMAL SYMBOLS Watercolor originals are all professional framed and sell for $2750. plus S&H. The reproductions sell unframed for $499. plus S&H.

Product Styles

Product Background Color - the color behind the image. This can be whatever the client chooses, or is entirely left to the artist's discretion. In some cases, it is eliminated.

Product Overlay Color - The actual Lettering or Painting imagery, these are color families, so no one color is indicated.

Products Per Piece - Several Letters, or Words may be depicted. 

Product List Titles - Movie Titles, Show Titles, or Logotypes...

Product List Alignment - sets the text alignment.

Product Item Size - to be decided by the client and artist.

Product Image Auto Crop - Occasionally an art piece will extend beyond its borders. The cropped area is decided at framing.

Product Gallery Size - Framing/matting is specified by the artist, but is ultimately chosen by the client at final purchase..



Events Postings - Openings, Shows, Auctions, and the like are open to all clients and fellow patrons.

Evites - email invitations will be addressed to those who supply them.

Postal Invites - sent to those without email.

RSVP - please be courteous and respond quickly so appropriate amounts of food & drink is available. Venues are size variable.

Special Showings - Events at remote locations such as area shows will be posted.

Event List Address - showings will include addresses for easy access.

Event iCal/gCal Links -  links to events to for Apple or Google calendars.

Event List  - Stay tuned...